First Look: Tasmanian Tiger Modular Trooper Pack

posted on March 13, 2021

Tasmanian Tiger is a tactical-nylon line of products distributed in the U.S. market by Proforce Equipment, Inc. Now they are introducing the TT Modular Trooper Pack, a backpack designed for military or tactical use with all-day comfort that is built on Tasmanian Tiger’s V2-Carrying System.

The Modular Trooper Pack is made to go the distance on any hike or mission, and features an optimized design with modular functionality as well as an integrated rain cover. The pack’s back panel is fully adjustable and can be adjusted to different back lengths. The shoulder straps are adjustable for a "just right" fit, and it has a removable hip belt that can be worn as a Warrior Belt.

Tasmanian Tiger’s V2-Carrying System is a size-adjustable carrying system built for handling medium to heavy loads. The TT Modular Trooper Pack incorporates reinforced fiberglass bars into the system for efficient transmittal of the load across the system, rather than weighing heavily on any one part of the wearer. The technical back padding is conically shaped to help position contact of the backpack to the wearer. The padded, adjustable shoulder straps are ergonomic and designed with load control in mind.

The TT Modular Trooper Backpack is made from Cordura 700 den fabric for weathering the toughest outdoor conditions and is available in black, olive, coyote, or Multi-Cam. The backpack holds 55 liters of gear and is loaded with carrying features including two outer pockets. There are sections of laser-cut MOLLE on the front and sides for customizing with additional pouches or gear. The main compartment opens completely and has special zipper guides that make it possible to use the pack also as a top-loader. More MOLLE hook-and-loop is on the back panels of the front inside and the main compartment for more customization. Front pockets also have a mesh pouch for quick access gear.  

MSRP for the TT Modular Trooper Backpack starts at $389, and for more information on this pack or other gear from Tasmanian Tiger, please visit 


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