First Look: Speer Gold Dot G2 Ammunition for Pistol Caliber Carbines

One of the most popular defensive cartridges around is now optimized for PCCs.

posted on September 5, 2023
GOld dot for PCCs

Speer Ammunition is now offering 9mm Gold Dot cartridges meant specifically for pistol caliber carbines, which have become increasingly popular amongst shooters in the United States.

Gold Dot is Speer Ammunition’s premium defensive and law enforcement cartridge which is offered across a wide variety of popular calibers as well as different loads in the same caliber. Speer Ammunition offers these different loads in the same caliber to maximize performance out of a particular type of firearm. This new load is optimized for use with 9mm PCCs (pistol caliber carbines). In other cases, the Gold Dot round is optimized for snub nosed revolvers, micro-compact semi-automatic pistols and other firearms.

The Gold Dot Carbine’s projectile is a Gold Dot G2 style bullet which has a clear elastomer filling inside the hollow cavity area on the front.

“With a surge in popularity of pistol-caliber carbines, and an end user desire to use them for personal protection, we’ve designed and optimized Gold Dot,” said Speer’s Handgun Product Manager Chris Laack. “The Gold Dot’s construction and Uni-core bonding creates a very robust bullet that performs well at the higher velocities that come from carbine-length rifle barrels.” “Gold Dot G2-style bullet has been updated for optimized terminal performance, accuracy, and function in carbine platforms,” continued Laack. “We’ve also made sure it’s still a capable load in full-size handguns, to allow for flexibility in use.”

Speer Gold Dot Carbine Ammunition Features:

  • Loaded with Gold Dot G2 style bullet that features an elastomer filled nose for controlled expansion and penetration.
  • Optimized for use in 9mm carbines with longer barrels
  • Effectively penetrates and expands through the most common barriers

Gold Dot Carbine cartridges are available in standard size boxes of 50 rounds and have an MSRP of $76.99. To learn more about this new ammunition or other products in Speer’s Gold Dot family, please visit


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