First Look: SIG Sauer P365 9mm Pistol

posted on January 9, 2018
Designed to be the ideal concealed-carry handgun, the SIG Sauer P365, chambered in 9mm and rated for +P ammo, is billed by the company as its "high-capacity micro-compact" pistol, featuring an unprecedented magazine capacity for its small size.

“As a company, we are relentless in our quest to be better – to constantly improve upon our existing products and to design and build superior products than those currently on the market,” said Ron Cohen, CEO and president of SIG Sauer. “The P365 is a result of this push."

The pistol is built on a stainless-steel chassis surrounded by a textured polymer grip. The slide is machined from stainless steel and is finished in the company's black Nitron finish. The overall design of the grip contributes to a higher grip-to-bore axis, which the company claims will help to reduce the felt recoil experienced by owners in this compact setup. The grip frame also provides a proprietary accessory rail that's compatible with SIG Sauer lights and laser add-ons.

Inside the slide, users will find a striker-fired system that feeds from SIG's patent-pending magazine design. The magazine is a modified narrow-neck, double-stack design that allows for 10 rounds in a flush-fit configuration, nearly doubling the capacity when compared to other similar-size pistols on the market.

"We built this pistol around our new, proprietary magazine for maximum concealability, capacity and shootability," Cohen said. The P365 is a pistol for professionals and civilians alike who want a smaller, high-performance pistol that does it all. This is the ultimate, everyday concealed-carry pistol.”

An added feature on the SIG Sauer P365 is its safe takedown procedure, providing users with a three-step process that requires no trigger pull. The pistol measures 5.8 inches long, 4.3 inches tall and 1 inch wide, equipped with a 3.1-inch barrel. The overall weight of the gun is 17.8 ounces.

The company includes its SIGLITE night sights as a standard sight option on the P365 and also includes an extended 10-round magazine for a larger grip. An optional 12-round magazine is also available, as well as two holsters produced by Blackpoint Tactical.

The SIG Sauer P365 carries a suggested retail price of $599. The company plans to roll out future accessories for the gun, including a weaponlight, laser sight, suppressor and an air pistol for training.


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