First Look: Samson US-Standard AK-47 Thread Adapters

posted on October 4, 2018

Samson Manufacturing recently released its new AK-style thread adapter for 9 mm and 9x39 mm rifles with 14x1 LH threaded muzzles. Constructed from 17-4 stainless or 4140 carbon steel, these adapters are designed to fit standard thread ½ x 28 tpi 9 mm suppressors to the pistol-caliber AK pistols currently hitting the market.

These adapters will also let shooters that use 9x39 mm ammo run subsonic ammunition through their 9 mm suppressors. Of course, check with the suppressor manufacturer to make sure the particular suppressor is rated for this ammunition.

"These 9 mm AK pistols are coming in to the country with a variety of muzzle threads," Samson CEO Tim Mulverhill said. "Some are 1/2x28 tpi and can take a standard 9 mm can without an adapter, and others have the 14x1 mm left-hand European AK thread, which requires an adapter. Sometimes both thread pitches can be seen from the same manufacturer, depending on import lot. Our adapter solves this issue for shooters with the more common 14x1 mm muzzle thread."

The Samson AK thread adapter indexes on the muzzle of the barrel, which provides a more-uniform and tighter lockup than adapters that index on the front-sight base.

“There are so many variables in AK manufacturing as far as muzzle threading and front-sight-base installation—even from multiple guns in the same manufacturing lot—that the most-reliable way to maintain concentricity with the bore is to index off the muzzle," Mulverhill said. "Our adapter does not contact the front sight base and is not intended to, which reduces any chance of baffle strikes from poorly fitting adapters. So long as your barrel threads are concentric to the bore, our adapter will maintain that alignment with your suppressor”.

Adapters are also available for 14x1 LH to 5/8x24 TPI applications. MSRP for the 9 mm variant is $29.99.


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