First Look: Safariland Multicam Holsters

Black Multicam is back, by popular demand.

posted on June 21, 2022
Safariland Black Multicam holster

Back by popular demand, the Safariland Group is relaunching some of its workhorse slide-mounted, electronic-dot-sight friendly duty holsters from the Safariland 6000 series, the 6304RDS and 6354RDS, now available in the highly sought after Black Multicam pattern, using Safariland’s Cordura wrap external covering.

Both the Safariland 6304RDS and the 6354RDS are duty holsters that can be affixed to different surfaces on your body or gear with mounting accessories such as the Safariland QLS 19 Locking Fork and the Safariland QLS 22 receiver plate. Typically the QLS 19 is connected to the back of the holster and the QLS 22 receiver plate is affixed to a wearer’s belt, gear or drop leg system. Both are snapped together and can be removed easily giving the holster a quick detach capability. The QLS 19 locking fork comes standard with either holster.

Safariland designed these holsters with their ALS (Automatic Locking System) mechanism which locks the handgun in place inside of the holster. This not only an extra way of securing the handgun to the holster lest the gun come out from the holster an inopportune moment, but it also provides stronger retention capabilities in case of an close-quarters entanglement. The primary distinction between the 6304RDS and the 6354RDS is that the former includes SLS rotating hood and an adjustable vertical leg strap whereas the latter only has the internal ALS mechanism. The SLS rotating hood acts as another security and retention safety feature which requires that the wearer actuate and rotate the hood to clear a handgun from the holster while also releasing the ALS lever.

Both holsters include internal suede lining to protect handgun finishes; their external construction consists of resistant thermoformed SafariLaminate material that protects the handgun, its sights and any accessories. The nylon wrap Cordura finish on the 6304RDS is also designed to reduce the infrared (IR) signature of the holster body. Retail pricing begins at $226.75 for the 6354RDS and $250.75 for the 6304RDS

For more information on the Safariland 6304RDS and 6354 RDS holsters and other holsters and products from Safariland Group, please visit their website at


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