First Look: Safariland Holsters for Double-Stack 1911 Pistols

New duty-oriented carry options for an increasingly popular style of pistol.

posted on August 26, 2023
Safariland 2011 holster

Safariland is now adding new fits to its 6000-series product line that fit full-size, 5-inch, double-stack 1911 pistols such as Stacatto’s XC or XL pistols and the full size Springfield Armory Prodigy.

These holsters will be available for both full-size guns with or without slide mounted electronic red-dot sights. This includes Safariland’s new pistol red-dot specific holster design, the RDSO, which has an open pocket that cradles the red dot sight without the use of a pivoting dust cover. Depending on the specific 6000 series model, these holsters will also make use of either the ALS (Automatic Locking System) and the SLS hood (Self Locking System). Both the ALS and SLS provide an additional layer of firearms retention security that is crucial for any kind of duty-oriented holster in order to protect handguns from slipping out during physical confrontations or dynamic movement.

"Safariland continues to evolve as we deliver new holster offerings and innovative ways to provide protection for our customers," said Eric Gasvoda, GM of Duty Gear for Safariland. "The collaboration with industry partners and firearm manufacturers remains ongoing to ensure a wide array of fits for the best holsters offered on the market."

Recently, double-stack 1911 and 2011 style pistols have become very popular, with modern designs that have tweaked internal mechanisms to make them more reliable for carry or tactical contexts, yet still retain the beloved single-action 1911 trigger, without the lack of capacity of a single-stack gun. 2011-style pistols are already in use at the highest levels of pistol competition, and now many shooters are interested in having that type of performance outside an action pistol bay.

Visit to learn more about these new holsters or other products from the Safariland Group.


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