First Look: RCBS Reloading Dies for 30 Super Carry and .44 Auto Mag

New options for saving money at the range or creating your own custom loads.

posted on August 22, 2022
RCBS die set for 30 Super Carry

RCBS, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, announces the introduction of new reloading dies for the .44 Auto Mag as well as the newest handgun cartridge from Federal Premium, the 30 Super Carry. 

.44 Auto Mag is designed to be used in the semi-automatic pistol that bears the same name. The cartridge and the pistol garnered attention for having power similar to a .44 Magnum revolver, but in a recoil-operated, semi-automatic handgun. The Automag has been in and out of production for some time now, however, new production models are available for sale right now

Federal’s new 30 Super Carry round is gaining attention in the firearms world, and as more handgunners learn about this new round, demand for 30 Super Carry reloading equipment is also increasing. RCBS  worked closely with Federal to design and quickly bring to market a die set for the new cartridge and developed the new 30 Super Carry die set to allow new shooters to hit the ground running with handloads.

Both the 30 Super Carry and .44 Auto Mag die sets come with three dies: carbide sizer, expander and seater. The carbide sizer die reforms the shell case to dimensions that will allow a cartridge to be easily chambered the next time it is loaded into a gun. The expander die flares  the neck of the shell case to ensure optimal alignment of the bullet as it is inserted into the cartridge, and the seating die places the bullet at the correct depth in the shell case.

MSRP for the 30 Super Carry die set is $108.95, and the MSRP for the .44 Auto Mag die set is $129.95. To learn more about these new die sets or to see the full lineup of dies and reloading products from RCBS, please visit


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