First Look: Primary Arms 3-18x50 FFP Riflescope

posted on November 27, 2018
With more-affordable optics on the market, like the new Primary Arms 3-18x50 FFP riflescope, budget-minded precision shooters are beginning to experience more benefits of first focal plane optics designs. The features in Primary Arms' latest optic offering provide benefits especially to owners of .308 Win. and 5.56 NATO precision platforms.

With the first focal plane setup in the Primary Arms 3-18x50 FFP riflescope, consumers can take advantage of the measurements found in the optic's reticle in ways that aren't possible with second focal plane designs. In SFP optics, reticle hashes and distance-estimation guides are only accurate at a certain magnification level, since the reticle remains fixed in size throughout the magnification range. On FFP scopes, the reticle adjusts in size along with any change in magnification, remaining accurate at any power.

This incredible feature allows for expanded capabilities within the reticles of FFP-equipped riflescopes, and Primary Arms took full advantage of this feature with the addition of the company's patented ACSS HUD DMR reticles. These designs were first implemented in Primary Arms' 4-14x44 and 6-30x56 FFP optics with great success. The design provides holdover points that take into account range estimation, bullet-drop compensation, windage holds and moving-target leads, with three different hold points that account for varying speeds of moving targets.

These innovative holdover features found in the Primary Arms 3-18x50 FFP riflescope, combined with the optic's first focal plane design, allows shooters to make quick target adjustments in the reticle, all without having to physically dial or do mathematical calculations that eat up valuable time.

For those who do wish to dial, the optic also includes quick-reset windage and elevation turrets, each of which features push-pull locking mechanisms that prevent accidental adjustments. Parallax and reticle-illumination adjustments can be made using the same knob located on the left side of the scope body, and a quick-adjust diopter and customizable power-ring fin allow users to fine-tune focus and magnification speed to their personal preferences.

The suggested retail price on the Primary Arms 3-18x50 FFP riflescope is $499.


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