First Look: Premier Body Armor Discreet Plate Carrier

Wear rifle-rated plates without causing a stir.

posted on December 7, 2022
Discrete Plate Carrier

Premier Body Armor of Gastonia, NC, is unveiling the latest release in their concealable armor product line, the Discreet Plate Carrier. The Discreet Plate Carrier is a low visibility, lightweight and minimalist plate carrier that still accommodates 10-inch by 12-inch plates rated against rifle rounds. When combined with two of Premier Body Armor’s ultra slim rifle rated plates, the entire system can provide a level of protection that is traditionally associated with bulkier, more visible designs.

“Designing a plate carrier that is discreet enough to conceal rifle rated plates, yet robust enough to last, is no easy feat”, said Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor. “But, after several months of R&D, I think we have a carrier that makes the cut and comes packed with capability. The Premier Body Armor Discreet Plate Carrier is extremely light weight, thin, and feature-rich. Six AR mag/medical gear/comms pouches line the elastic cummerbunds and full-field hook-and-loop covers the front and rear plate pockets. Vertical webbing on the front pockets allows for compatibility with our new MAAP pouch and other standard G-Hook based pouches on the market. I'm confident this carrier will become the rig of choice for discerning protection professionals across the globe.”

Premier Body Armor has designed this low visibility plate carrier to accommodate all 10-inch by 12-inch armor plate styles, including SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert), Shooter or Swimmer’s cut—all which have a different geometries to allow to for range of motion. The Discreet Plate Carrier is stitched with an inner mesh liner for breathability and ventilation and also to provide the wearer some comfort. The overall slim profile of this plate carrier can disappear underneath any jacket or button down just the same.

The Discreet Plate Carrier retails for $180. For more information about Premier Body Armor’s Discreet Plate Carrier and their other ballistic products, please visit their website at


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