First Look: Nikon Black X1000 Illuminated MOA Riflescope

posted on July 20, 2017
Nikon added a new model to its Black line of tactical riflescopes, offering precision shooters a high-magnification optic with an illuminated MOA reticle. The new reticle is offered in the company's 6-24x50 SF riflescope designed for long-range use.

The Illuminated X-MOA reticle used in the company's new model features a reticle designed for tactical use. The marks on the reticle are perfectly matched to the adjustments available on the optic's windage and elevation turrets, allowing shooters to accurately determine how much movement needs to be input into the tactical-style turrets in order to get shots on target.

The new reticle also works to help shooters determine shot holdovers and range while providing them with a design that isn't overwhelming or busy. The windage and elevation turrets feature spring-loaded knobs that allow users to instantly reset the zero on their optics after zeroing their guns.

The Nikon Black X1000 riflescope comes equipped with a parallax-adjustment knob located on the side of the main-body tube, ensuring that shooters can select parallax focus without moving from their position. The knob also incorporates the company's illumination-control knob, providing shooters with 10 different brightness settings. The knob features off settings between each intensity level, allowing shooters to be within one click of their preferred setting at all times while preserving battery life.

The company's Black X1000 series is built using aircraft-grade aluminum allow, which is machined into a main-body tube that measures 30 mm. The scopes are all constructed using the company's lead- and arsenic-free glass, along with proprietary multiple-layer coating that enhances light transmission and provides an ideal sight picture for the end user. The exterior of the optic is finished in a Type III hard-coat anodized black finish that protects the tube from the elements.

The Nikon Black X1000 6-24x50 X-MOA riflescope is backed by the company's No Fault repair and replacement policy and retails at a suggested price of $649.95.


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