First Look: Nightstick TCM-10 and TCM-10 GL Compact Handgun Lights

Two new rail-mounted lights, one with a green laser sight.

posted on May 26, 2023
Nightstick TCM-10

Nightstick is releasing a pair of two new 650 lumen pistol mounted lights, the TCM-10 and TCM-10 GL models. These lights run off a single CR123 battery and are engineered to fit over 240 different handgun models with accessory rails.

“As major law enforcement agencies nationwide continue moving away from the larger handgun weapon lights in favor of smaller, more secure holsters, we knew they wanted the highest possible performance from a compact single CR123-powered handgun weapon light,” says Brian Whalen, Public Safety Marketing Manager for Nightstick. “Leveraging improved LEDs and optimized circuit design improvements we created these two new weapon lights to provide law enforcement and handgun owners a more powerful and function-rich compact weapon light for threat identification and confirmation, when life depends on light."

Both the TCM-10 and TCM-10 GL use high performance LED light modules along with TIR lens. TIR stands for total internal reflection. TIR lens are used to focus rays of light onto a more-dense “pattern,” giving you a tighter beam. Both of these lights are rated for 650 lumen beam and have a battery life of up to two hours on the highest setting using a single fully charged CR123 battery. The Nightstick TCM-10 GL also includes a 532 nanometer green aiming laser module which is fully adjustable for impact and elevation.

Nightstick TCM-10 and TCM-10 GL Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Lumens: 650
  • Battery: CR123
  • Housing Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum 
  • Switches: Ambidextrous rear facing switches, programmable ON/OFF strobe mode
  • Battery Protection: Safe mode setting to prevent battery drain 
  • Mounting: Spring-loaded rail lamp and coin-slot screw head

Both the Nightstick TCM-10 and TCM-10 GL pistol lights include Nightstick’s limited lifetime warranty. An Allen wrench and a single CR123 battery also come with each unit. Please visit for more information about these new pistol lights or other products from Nightstick.


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