First Look: New Thermal Optics from Burris

More options for low-light encounters.

posted on February 22, 2024
Burris Thermal optics

Burris Optics is rolling out several new upgrades to its thermal optics line. The new optics are the BTS v3 640 and BTS v3 400 thermal riflescopes, the BTC v3 Clip-On thermal and the BTH v3 handheld, covering the needs of shooters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

BTS v3 Riflescope

Designed for the on-the-move predator hunter, the BTS v3 thermal riflescope enjoys a number of improvements that easier use and faster target identification.

  • New 640x480 sensor model introduced alongside the existing 400x300 sensor model to deliver an ultra-wide field of view (12.5 x 9.4 degrees) and up to 8X digital zoom
  • New 30mK NETD creates more detailed imaging by detecting and displaying smaller temperature variations
  • New RapidZero function speeds up the zeroing process, making it possible to achieve zero with just one shot
  • Four new color palettes are added (amber, sepia, iron, and inferno) to expand the viewer’s viewing options
  • New Thermal Image Outlining highlights object edges for enhanced detection
  • Enhanced battery life, up to six hours
  • BurrisConnect app supported photo and video recording

BTC v3 Thermal Clip-On

The BTC v3 Thermal Clip-On is an all-in-one thermal unit. With its scope-coupling design and compact dimensions, this model can serve as both an auxiliary thermal aiming device and an independent thermal observation unit.

  • New RapidZero tool for ultra-fast zeroing
  • Improved screen-centering process to speed up digital alignment with the host optical scope
  • New Thermal Image Outlining highlights object edges for enhanced detection
  • Additional color palettes: amber, sepia, iron and inferno
  • New 35mK NETD for enhanced image details
  • Connects to the BurrisConnect app for photo and video recording

BTH v3 Handheld

Developed to be an ideal complement to a dedicated thermal riflescope, the BTH v3 Handheld is ideal for varmint hunters, ranchers, nighttime game tracking, and homestead security. With a compact, lightweight design and easy one-hand operation, the BTH v3 is ideal for anyone who requires a comfortable nighttime observation device. For 2024, the BTH v3 Handheld receives the same expanded color palette offerings as the BTS v3 and the BTC v3 (amber, sepia, iron, and inferno) plus an improved battery life of up to 8 hours. 

For more information on Burris Optics’ third generation of advanced thermal units, please visit


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