First Look: New Suppressors from Alpha Silencer

High bypass titanium suppressors for rifles, pistols and rimfire guns.

posted on November 30, 2023
Alpha Silencer Titan

Alpha Silencer has recently introduced a brand new suppressor product family, the Alpha Titan Series. These are lightweight, flow through, high performance and user-serviceable suppressors made from titanium and are called the are called the A22 [rimfire], Titan 223, Titan 30, Titan 9 and Titan 45. Alpha Silencer has included five different models each with their own nominal diameter including 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mm and .45 caliber.

“Thanks and congratulations to the whole Alpha Silencer Team for the amazing product you have created. The last three years of technology and product development have now proven to be worth it. And, thanks to so many phenomenal shooters for the incredibly positive feedback. Shoot it, and you will know,”- Buck Steele, President, Alpha Silencer.

Four models are rifle-rated suppressors meant to be used with higher velocity hunting rifle cartridges and also handgun cartridges of the appropriate caliber. The Alpha Silencer A22, on the other hand, is rated for rimfire calibers. In all the entire product line covers a broad spectrum of firearms cartridges spanning from .17 HMR to .460 Weatherby Magnum. The entire product family uses a flow-through design scheme, which vents the expanding gasses from ammunition forward and away from the shooter. These types of suppressors are said to operate more cleanly and reduce backpressure. All models have industry standard ½x28- or ⅝x24-inch tpi thread patterns, depending on their nominal diameter size.

Retail prices for all new titanium high performance Alpha Silencer products start at $499 for the A22 rimfire model and continue from $1,099 for the Titan 9, $1,149 for the Titan 45 and $1,199 for both the Titan 223 and the Titan 30 suppressors. To learn more about these new suppressors, or other products from Alpha Silencer’s please visit


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