First Look: New Red Dot Optics from LaserMax

A new way of aiming from a laser leader.

posted on January 22, 2024
Laser Max Sights

LaserMax is launching a new line of red-dot sights designed for pistol- and long gun-platforms. These new sights reflect Laser Max’s 25 years of expertise in laser aiming solutions, which translates into a series of red-dot sights that cater to your shooting needs.

The new red-dot sight line features four distinct models, each working with a wide range of firearms and user preferences. All models feature advanced functions such as external light sensors which automatically adjust the brightness of the red dot based on ambient lighting conditions to ensure optimal visibility in any lighting environment. Additionally, users can manually adjust multiple brightness settings and benefit from the convenient shake-awake feature.

"We're excited to bring the same dedication to quality, innovation and performance that we've put into our laser sights over the years into our new red-dot-sight line," said Alex Chavez, Sr. Product Manager at LaserMax. "Our goal is to provide superior optics and the most advanced technology to give users the tactical advantage, and these new red-dot sights are the realization of that vision.

The LaserMax red dot sight line includes the following models:

LM-ERDS Enclosed Red Dot Sight

Designed for RMR or MOS optics ready pistols, this model features a 3-MOA dot for optimal visibility and accuracy, as well as a 50,000-hour battery life, shake-awake and auto-brightness modes. MSRP is $399.99.

LM-RRDS Rifle Red Dot Sight

Made with the AR, AK, and shotgun platforms in mind, this rifle sight features a 3-MOA dot popular for both target shooting and self-defense. It also has a 10,000-hour battery life along with shake-awake and auto-brightness functions and includes low-rise and high-rise mounts. MSRP is $259.99.

LM-MRDS Micro Red Dot Sight

Tailored for RMS optics ready pistols, this compact option has a 4-MOA dot, striking a nice balance for both close-up shots and engaging targets at a distance. Like other red dots from LaserMax, this has a battery life of up to 10,000 hours, shake-awake and auto-brightness modes. MSRP is $229.99.

LM-CRDS Compact Red Dot Sight

Compatible with RMR-footprint, optics-ready pistols, the LM-CRDS has a 3-MOA dot perfect for versatility and accuracy at varying distances and a 10,000-hour battery life. Featuring shake-awake and auto-brightness capabilities, it ensures quick and intuitive target acquisition. MSRP is $209.99.

For more information on these new optics or other products from LaserMax, please visit


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