First Look: New Optics Mounts from Reptilia AUS

Ideal for use with night vision gear.

posted on May 13, 2024
1.93 inch  Reptilia AUS mounts

Reptilia, a company known for its modern riflescope and red-dot mounts is now expanding its popular AUS Mounting System product line to include a 1.93 inch tall optics mount option for its customers.

In the world of AR-15s, the majority of optics mounts have a 1.54-inch height-over-bore, and this has become the standard. However, over the past few years, taller mounts have become more popular due to specialized gear and mission requirements in tactical settings. Most often, these revolve around personnel using AR-pattern rifles while also donning modern night-vision gear and helmets. The extra clearance makes it easier to shoot with such gear. Several companies that manufacture optics mounts offer the 1.93-inch height option, and now Reptilia is throwing its hat into the ring as well. Besides tactical users, many recreational shooters are also gravitating towards these taller mounts, as the extra height makes it more comfortable to shoulder a rifle with an optic that automatically comes up to eye-level without having to crane or stretch the neck over into the eye box. 

"We are excited to unveil the new 1.93-inch height addition to our Reptilia AUS Mounting System, tailored specifically for greater comfort for the shooter when utilizing powered optics on rifles," said Eric Burt, president of Reptilia. "This enhancement underscores our commitment to providing shooters with the highest quality accessories that deliver unmatched performance and reliability.”

Reptilia AUS mounts are precisely machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and are compatible with a wide range of firearms and scope diameters including 30mm, 34mm and 35mm. The Reptilia AUS system also includes several add ons such as offset ring mounts so that end users can mount micro-red-dot optics on top of their main magnified optic in a “piggyback” fashion for enhanced modularity.

Visit to learn more about these new mounts or other products from Reptilla.


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