First Look: New Holster Options from Blackhawk

More choices available for the Stache IWB and T-Series duty holsters.

posted on September 11, 2022
First Look: New Holster Options from Blackhawk

Blackhawk is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor LLC, manufacturing numerous holsters among its products. The company has just announced new handgun compatibility options for two of its popular product lines, the Stache IWB concealment holster and the T-Series L3D duty holster.

The Stache IWB is an inside the waistband (IWB) concealment holster built from a sturdy injected polymer, providing a level of rigidity and modularity not found in Kydex holsters. The polymer shell is also designed to be ambidextrous, making life easier for left handed concealed carriers who often times have trouble with holster selection. The Stache IWB line is sold in either a basic or premium configuration, and Blackhawk also offers a range of compatible accessories for the Stache IWB line. Retail pricing for the Stache IWB holster line starts at around $34 for the base kits.

New handgun options for the Stach IWB lineup include the following:

  • SIG Sauer P320 or M-17
  • FN 509 Base Kit for Compact and Midsize guns
  • FN 509 Premium Kit for Compact and Midsize guns

The T-Series is Blackhawk’s premier duty-rated holster, designed to cater to the needs of law enforcement and military professionals. Offering either Level 2 or Level 3 retention, T-Series holsters are also designed to accommodate the accessories found on today’s duty pistols, such as slide-mounted electronic red dot sights and rail attached tactical lights. Retail pricing for the T-Series L3D holster line starts at $169.

New handgun options for the T-Series lineup include the following choices:

  • Left hand L3D for red dot ready Glock models G17, G19, G22, G23 with Streamlight TLR-7 or TLR-8
  • Left hand L3D for non red dot Glock models G17, G19, G22, G23 with Streamlight TLR-7 or TLR-8
  • Left hand L2D for red dot ready Glock models G17, G19, G22, G23 with Streamlight TLR-7 or TLR-8

For more information on the Stache IWB or T-Series holster lines or to discover the full range of handgun model offerings for these holsters, please visit Blackhawk’s website at


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