First Look: New DeSantis Holsters for the SIG Sauer P365

More holster choices for one of America's most popular handguns.

posted on June 2, 2022
DeSantis holsters for the P365 pistol

DeSantis Gunhide, a household name in the American holster industry is updating three holster models to fit the SIG Sauer P365 subcompact semi-automatic pistol with a Crimson Trace laser, giving you even more options for carrying one of the hottest handguns in the defensive carry marketspace.

Mini Scabbard:

The Mini Scabbard is a low-profile leather holster offered both in black and tan hues meant to securely protect a subcompact handgun while still offering unencumbered access to the handgun’s grip. The holster is precisely molded around a specific handgun’s shape and depending on the model, there is a tension adjustment screw. The Mini Scabbard holster is compatible with belts up to one and three quarters of an inch wide. The retail price of the Mini Scabbard is $66.99.

Thumb Break Mini Slide:

This holster is a premium saddle leather holster featuring double stitching and meticulous molding. A tension screw behind the trigger guard is used to adjust the tension to your individual liking. Offered in either black or tan leather and fitting belts up to one and three quarters of an inch wide, the DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide retails for $80.99.

The Nemesis:

The Nemesis is DeSantis’s innovative solution for serious pocket carry for smaller handguns. The outer surface of The Nemesis is covered with an extremely grippy material allowing the gun and holster to remain in place securely while the inner lining is wrapped in ultra-slick pack cloth allowing for very smooth and frictionless draws. DeSantis incorporation of a foam core also breaks up the holster’s profile to thwart any chances of your gun or holster printing through your pocket. The Nemesis retails for $27.99.

For more information on any of these three holsters now being offered for the SIG Sauer P365 and other holster options, makes, and models, please visit


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