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posted on January 20, 2024
New knives from CRKT

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) has launched its 2024 product collection and features an array of products that have been crafted in partnership with the world’s top blade designers. With these new knives, continues to move towards more premium product offerings and deliver knives and tools that instill confidence in users no matter the task at hand.

“This is a milestone release for us as we celebrate thirty years in business this year and I think the 2024 collection is our best yet,” said Doug Flagg, VP of Marketing & Innovation for CRKT. “Consumers will notice a leveling up in our products’ materials, fit and finish across the board, as well as some expanded partnerships and new designers; including some new US-made automatic knives manufactured with Hogue Knives and product introductions from esteemed knife makers including Darriel Caston and Pedro Buzetti.”

CRKT 2024 product highlights appear below, and the compete collection is now available to view at

Michaca Automatic (MSRP: $300)

Made in the USA, the Michaca is an automatic folding knife with a scale-release lock designed by expert knifemaker Philip Booth. The drop point blade is made from MagnaCut steel, while a G10 handle sports Booth’s signature stripe. A low-profile, deep carry pocket clip allows the knife to ride low and securely in the pocket.

Available in two models, the Michaca is an automatic, everyday-carry blade that adds a touch of style.

Minnow Automatic (MSRP $200)

Another US-made automatic opening knife, the Minnow is an everyday carry knife that’s swift, sturdy and small. The automatic button release quickly deploys the blade, while the MagnaCut steel offers both strength and edge retention. The compact profile measures just under 4.5 inches when fully opened, with a small blade that is designed for legal carry in states with blade-length restrictions.

Homefront Compact (MSRP: $200)

A high-end version of the impressive original, Ken Onion’s Homefront Compact combines the distinguished look of a classic WWII knife with the fit and finish of a modern favorite. The knife has a shorter drop point blade made of S35VN steel and includes details like a traditional non-assisted flipper opening, sturdy liner lock and a lanyard hole for easy fob customization. The black blade in a DLC finish contrasts with the light G10 handle and gives the knife a look that commands attention.

Forebear Slip Joint (MSRP:$100)

Designed by Darriel Caston, the Forebear, is an everyday carry with a classic slip-joint mechanism that is based on a pivotal, centuries-old design which remains popular to this day. Built to handle cutting tasks of all sizes, it features a two-blade design with larger and smaller Wharncliffe blades that open at opposite ends of the handle. The blades use 12C27 steel with a nail nick for easy opening and the handle is made of G10 for excellent all-weather grip.

Padawan Frame Lock (MSRP:$100)

Pedro Buzetti’s first knife design with CRKT, this capable folding knife was crafted for form and function, with a drop point blade made from 14C28N steel and a handsome micarta overlay on the handle for improved grip. The frame lock was modified to keep the blade secure, and the clip lets the knife sit low in the pocket.

MinimalX Frame Lock (MSRP $60)

Designed by Darriel Caston of D Rocket Design, the MinimalX is an evolution of a knife originally made for SpaceX to commemorate a rocket launch. The blade is made from 12C27 steel for exceptional edge retention and is secured by a sturdy frame lock that is integrated directly into the stainless-steel handle when deployed. The MinimalX features a simple, no-nonsense design with a hint of flair in the satin-finish blade that is inspired by Japanese katanas. It rides low and out of sight in a front pocket thanks to the deep-carry clip.

Persian Assisted ($80)

The Persian is a low-profile folding knife with subtle curves and a balanced design. Thanks to assisted opening, the D2-steel blade deploys in a flash, while the knife’s upswept shape and pronounced belly gives it improved slicing capability. Crafted from quality materials, the glass-reinforced nylon handle allows for better grip, making the Persian easy to open and close in one hand. All in all, it’s a sleek and durable carry for daily use.

Bear Claw Fixed ($90)

Over the years, the Bear Claw has become the go-to favorite among whitewater rafters, river guides, water sports enthusiasts, and emergency response personnel. River knife, rescue knife, whatever you call it, the Bear Claw fixed is a compact, hawk-billed, fixed blade knife that gets the job done.

For 2024, CRKT is releasing three new Bear Claw models, two featuring a blunt tip that is safe for carrying around rafts and inflatables and feature blades lined with Veff Serrations that deliver effortless cuts on ropes and straps. A third model features the same profile as the original, but boasts a new needle-sharp tip specifically designed for piercing tasks, making it useful on everyday outdoor excursions and as a personal safety tool.

For more information on these new knives or other products from Columbia River Knife and Tool, please visit


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