First Look: New Accessories From Gun Tote’n Mamas

Off-body carry with a healthy dose of style.

posted on June 3, 2024
Gun Tote’n Mamas Purses

Gun Tote’n Mamas is a company that makes purses and satchels for women marketed to carrying firearms off-body and has just released three new bags: the GTM 22 Clutch Purse, the GTM 98 Slim Crossbody and the GTM 15 Crossbody Organizer.

“We created these items to discreetly carry a choice of protection and help women stay safe using quality construction and quality materials. Our team dedicates itself to helping women feel confident using their firearms,” said Claudia Chisholm, president of GTM. “We believe in empowering women to stay true to their unique style while carrying what is necessary to defend themselves.”

All three new bags have a large, zippered pocket with RFID (radio frequency identification)-resistant lining to protect the owner’s personal information from electronic interference. The shoulder straps on these bags are also designed to be slash resistant in order to protect both the carried firearm and the rest of a bag’s contents from being stolen. The zippers themselves are made from an enhanced nylon material and the gun compartment of each purse also has extra padding to protect and keep the firearm securely in place.

Crossbody Organizer

Crafted from American "tooled" cowhide, this compact bag features a hand-carved Rose Leaf pattern and hand-rubbed color to give it a multi-tone finish. The bag can be worn crossbody or around the waist and includes the mini holster from Mernickle Holsters.

Slim Crossbody Bag

This slim and sleek bag offers all the best-selling features in one purse, including top, left and right-side draws, embedded front wallet with RFID protection that is built into the entire front panel. For those who prefer a brushed feel, the bag is also available in brushed USA cowhide.

Clutch Purse

Now available in a mustard color, this concealed carry leather bag uses a hand-carved debossed rose-leaf pattern and is designed for both left and right-handed use. The separate gun compartment, a trademark to all Gun Tote’n Mamas products, has proprietary padding and lining to prevent imprinting and frictionless draw. The purse zips open on three sides, providing easy access to the interior. Crafted from American cowhide leather, it becomes softer with use, ages to a darker patina and ensures maximum security.

Visit to learn more about these new totes or other products from Gun Tote’n Mamas.


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