First Look: New Accessories from Federal Ammunition and Duluth Pack

Two iconic brands team up to create a new line of gear for gun owners.

posted on May 29, 2024
New Accessories from Federal Ammunition and Duluth Pack

Federal Ammunition and Duluth Pack have teamed up to create a collection of handcrafted carry-all bags, hunting gear and high-quality limited-edition apparel. The exclusive line of Federal products made by Duluth Pack is appropriately named “Home On The Range,” which is a nod to the great homeland origins and rich histories of both of these Minnesota-based companies.

“We are happy to collaborate with Duluth Pack, an iconic Minnesota brand,” said Vice President of Marketing Jason Nash. “Our two companies have a lot in common when it comes to strong work ethic, reliable products, made in America, and deep-rooted histories within the outdoor industry and our home state of Minnesota.”

The new line of merchandise ranges from the popular Rambler outdoor pack and Upland hunting game vest to full-length zipped canvas chaps and Grab-N-Go bags. There is also a stylish beanie available in three colors, as well as limited-edition, graphic sweatshirts and t-shirts. The Rambler bag has a 32-liter capacity and is made from 15-ounce canvas. There are two side pockets with buckling flaps, a zippered pocket on the front of the pack and another zippered compartment integrated into main flap. The Upland hunting vest is a minimalist design with adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap. The vest has a snap closure front, chest pockets for easy access to shells and other necessities and large back pocket to easily carry harvested game.

“It feels so incredibly natural to collaborate with such an iconic Minnesota brand, like Federal Ammunition,” said Duluth Pack President and CEO Tom Sega. “Both of our companies have such a long history of classic, reliable, and generationally trusted products, along with corporate values that align so well.”

The Home On The Range collection is available exclusively on the Federal ecommerce site. The collection of new products will retail between $46 to $378 for the Duluth Pack handcrafted items and $23 to $55 for branded apparel.

Visit for more information on these new products from Federal Ammunition and Duluth Pack.  


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