First Look: Mission First Tactical EXD Free Float M-Lok Rail

An innovative mounting system and a strengthened build quality are just two features of this rail.

posted on October 10, 2022
EXD Free Float Rail

Mission First Tactical’s new EXD free float rail system line has three different rails available in lengths of 10 inches, 13 ½ inches, and 15 inches. In developing the EXD rail system family, Mission First Tactical sought out make rail system installation a more streamlined process for shooters and end users. To accomplish this, Mission First Tactical re-designed the manner in which the rail system attaches to the firearm’s upper receiver. The EXD free float rail system uses a steel barrel nut that does not need to be timed. This steel barrel nut can also be tightened with either the traditional AR-15 armorer’s wrench or a regular adjustable crescent wrench of the same approximate size. Once the rail is in place, it is secured to the barrel nut via four set screws, which should be tightened with some thread locker compound for best results).

Mission First Tactical also increased the thickness of the rail walls of the EXD line in order to make it simpler and easier for users to mount a wide array of M-Lok compatible accessories without having to worry about the potential flimsiness that other rail systems may have. Besides the “time-free” steel barrel nut, all rails systems in the EXD product line feature anti-rotation technology, an IR (infrared) anti-reflective coating, seven different planes of M-Lok slot surfaces, and an ultra-streamlined design. Moreover, its topmost center plane features a full length of Picatinny rail from front all the way to the rear. 

Retail pricing for the EXD Free Float M-Lok rail system starts at $149.99 and ranges through $189.99, depending on the desired length. All of the rail systems in this product line come with Mission First Tactical’s lifetime warranty. For more information, and to see a useful video guide that covers EXD Free Float M-Lok rail system installation, please visit Mission First Tactical’s website at


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