First Look: Military Arms Corporation MAC 5 / MAC 5K Pistols

Two new semi-automatic versions of a well-known subgun.

posted on February 9, 2024
Military Arms Corporation MAC 5 / MAC 5K Pistols

Military Armament Corporation is bringing two HK MP5 pattern pistols into the fold this year, the new MAC 5 and MAC 5K, which are Turkish built and imported by Knoxville based SDS Imports, who also brings in the well-known Tisas brand to the United States.

Both the Military Armament Corporation MAC 5 and MAC 5K are based on the renowned Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, however, the MAC 5 and 5K are semi-automatic only pistols, unlike the original MP5. The German original was developed after the Second World War and went on to become the most successful post-war Western submachine gun designs, used by all manner of elite military groups, counter-terror units and even regular police officers the world over. As a result of this success, it has been produced under license in various countries. Like the originals, the new Military Armament offerings are built from stamped steel and use the same proven roller-locking, delayed-blowback action. In addition to this, both the new MAC 5 and MAC 5K are compatible with original spec HK MP5 Magazines and accessories.

MAC 5 /5K Features and Specifications:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action: Roller delayed blowback
  • Grip Module: Reinforced polymer, glass filled
  • Trigger SEF Pattern, 4 pound, 4 ounce pull weight (approximate)
  • Finish: Lauer lacquer paint over manganese phosphate
  • Front Sight: Hooded front post, elevation adjustable front sight
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable rear diopter on the MAC 5, adjustable castle style on the MAC 5k
  • Two 30 round standard magazines
  • 1/2x28mm right hand muzzle thread and Tri-Lug muzzle brake
  • Paddle mag release
  • Sling, custom hard case, cleaning kit
  • MAC Limited lifetime warranty

MSRP for both the MAC-5 and MAC-5K is $1,099.99, and both are covered under the MAC limited lifetime warranty. A full line of accessories will be available on the MAC website. Please visit to learn more.


shooter at range with instructor
shooter at range with instructor

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