First Look: MDT Folding Stock Adapter

posted on August 8, 2018
Many of today's chassis rifles are designed to accept any one of the incredible array of AR-15 butt stocks available on the market, giving consumers the ability to customize their precision-shooting platform with the stock design they like best. To add further flexibility to these long-range setups, MDT added its Folding Stock Adapters to its lineup, allowing users of an AR-compatible rifle chassis to fold their stock for compact storage and transport.

A must-have in any component that's added to the setup of a long-range precision rifle is to lock securely into place. This avoids any accuracy degradation from occurring due to loose tolerances in the stock-to-chassis interface, and MDT avoids this issue by constructing its folding adapter from durable, anodized aluminum complete with solid-steel locking components. This ensures that the unit offers added durability in the field and keeps any attached stock securely locked into position on the rifle.

MDT offers a number of different configurations in its adapter lineup. Depending on their rifle chassis's interface and the kind of stock they want, options are available to add fixed-to-fixed, carbine-to-carbine, fixed-to-carbine and carbine-to-fixed, covering all potential bases for those looking to customize their precision rifle. Fixed-style AR stocks, such as those patterned after the classic A2-style stock, require different attachment faces than the colllapsible designs popular with many consumers today.

In addition to the choice of interface, the MDT Folding Stock Adapter can also be ordered in either a one-way or two-way locking option. The one-way locking position secures the stock into place in the folded-out, firing position, ensuring that it provides a rigid base for optimum precision shooting. However, if consumers desire, the two-way locking option adds an additional locking point that secures a stock in its folded configuration, preventing it from folding open.

Each adapter option is compatible with most AR-style chassis interfaces on the market, though the company warns that the adapter will not allow a bolt to pass through it. The one-way Folding Stock Adapter retails at a suggested price of $149.99, while the two-way model retails at a suggested price of $199.99.


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