First Look: MasterPiece Arms MPA BA Hybrid Chassis

posted on March 4, 2018
Designed to provide rifle owners with a system that can tackle a range of applications, the MasterPiece Arms MPA BA Hybrid Chassis takes elements from the company's popular BA Chassis System and incorporates it into an all-new, versatile platform.

“We wanted to come up with a chassis that had the footprint of our standard BA Chassis but was lighter than our BA Lite Chassis," said Phil Cashin, president of MasterPiece Arms. "We’ve extended the fore-end and have made it lighter. We call it the Hybrid because it gives the shooter the ability to utilize this chassis in a number of different applications and can also can be modified for weight by using our new Weight Tuning System."

The MPA BA Hybrid Chassis is machined from 6061 aluminum using the company's CNC Horizontal Machining Centers in order to meet precision tolerances in every aspect of the chassis' construction. One of the stand-out features in the design is the company's "pocketing system," which works to reduce weight while enhancing the strength and integrity of the stock. With this system, the chassis weighs in at only 2.9 pounds without a recoil pad.

In addition to the chassis' all-aluminum construction, the system also uses the company's own buttstock design, which allows for custom adjustment of the length-of-pull and comb height. The recoil pad can also be fine-tuned for height and cant adjustment, ensuring that the stock provides a perfect fit that's unique to every shooter. Additionally, users can also customize the system with added accessories, thanks to a Picatinny rail located at the bottom of the chassis' fore-end. There's also room for a night-vision bridge and an additional accessory rail at the top.

One of the other unique elements of the chassis design is the company's Weight Tuning System, which allows users to increase the weight anywhere from 2.9 pounds to 7 pounds. The system also provides owners with the ability to shift the balance point on the rifles, making it a great option for Precision Rifle Series competitors with the need to fine-tune the setup on their rifles.

Other features of the MasterPiece Arms MPA BA Hybrid Chassis include a EVG pistol grip, multiple quick-detach sling-swivel locations, built-in inclinometer and a machined thumb notch. The chassis can be used with any AICS-pattern magazine. Inlet options are available for Remington-pattern short- and long-action platforms, as well as Savage, Howa, Tikka and Badger M2013 actions.

The suggested retail price on the MPA BA Hybrid Chassis starts at $825.


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