First Look: Magpul Partners with ZEV Technologies for FDP-9/FDC-9

posted on January 15, 2021
Magpul recently announced a joint project with ZEV Technologies to produce a Folding Defensive Pistol (FDP-9) and Folding Defensive Carbine (FDC-9), both of which will be chambered in 9 mm. 

Magpul first introduced a folding concept gun based on the Glock operating system at the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and in 2019 ZEV released their OZ9 modular pistol, which is compatible with Glock-style operating systems. With those two pieces in place, Magpul and ZEV partnered to bring a folding gun concept to life using a proprietary variant of the ZEV OZ9. 

The result of that collaboration—with preliminary BATFE approvals in place—is the FDP-9, with the intent that ZEV will offer the FDP-9 as a complete, large-format pistol. According to Magpul, at that point, the purchaser can enjoy the firearm as a self-enclosing, large-format pistol. They may also choose to file the appropriate ATF form 1 and, after approval, purchase a conversion kit to legally assemble it into the FDC-9. 

It will then be classified, according to Magpul, as a short-barreled rifle (SBR) and subject to all NFA laws. Although not certain at this time, the FDC-9 might also be offered straight from ZEV and would transfer to the purchaser as an SBR on an ATF Form 4 through their local dealer. The FDP-9 and FDC-9 will not be available from Magpul; they will be available from ZEV Technologies and through distributors and dealers that carry ZEV Firearms. 

The ZEV FDP-9 and FDC-9 firearms won’t be ready until 2022, but Magpul wanted to share them with the world a little early. The companies have already crossed the most significant hurdles to bringing this concept to life, and they will be sharing more info throughout the upcoming year. 


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