First Look: Lyman Brass Reloading Press Kits

posted on April 28, 2018
Consumers looking to get into the hobby of handloading their own cartridges now have new starter-kit option from Lyman Products. Offered under the company's Brass Smith brand, three complete reloading press kits are offered, each one based on one of the company's three new reloading presses: the Ideal, Victory or All-American 8.

"The three reloading kits are a fantastic opportunity to get started in reloading at a significant savings," said Trevor Mullen, VP of global marketing and business development for Lyman Products. "By kitting our three new presses with the right accessories, a reloader can feel confident he or she has purchased quality, reliable tools to embark on an enjoyable hobby, and has saved money and time in the process."

In addition to the included press, each Lyman Brass Reloading Kit ships with a Brass Smith powder measure and stand and a Pocket Touch 1500 Electronic powder-measuring scale, complete with a funnel pan and dipper. For case preparation, the kit comes with a case prep multi-tool and an E-ZEE Prime hand-priming tool. To facilitate smooth, trouble-free removal of cases from reloading dies, the kit also ships with Quick Slick Case Lube.

Select kits also come with a host of additional accessories not offered in other kits. The Victory and All-American 8 press kits ship with a magnum bullet puller, powder dribbler and a primer tray, while the All-American 8 Kit alone also includes a Universal Trimmer and Pilot Multi-Pack and an E-ZEE Primer Tray. To guide reloaders in their first steps safely, a copy of the Lyman 50th Edition Reloading Handbook is included with each Brass Reloading Kit.

The key differences in the kit lie in the design of the three unique reloading presses. The smallest press in the lot, the Lyman Brass Smith Ideal Press, is designed as a beginner's press, providing a compact, yet durable, cast-iron press that handles all pistol cartridges and rifle cartridges measuring up to 3.7 inches in overall length. The Lyman Brass Smith Victory Press is also a single-stage design like the Ideal,but the large, heavy-duty O-frame design can handle all pistol cartridges and even large magnum rifle cartridges, thanks to the enlarged 5-inch opening. Finally, the company offers its All-American 8 Press, a multi-stage turret design that can handle four complete two-die sets or two four-die sets. The large, cast-iron frame is designed to accommodate any cartridge, even long magnum designs.

The suggested retail price on the Lyman Brass Reloading Press Kits starts at $249.95 with the Ideal Press, retails at $354.95 for the Victory Press and tops out at $499.95 with the multi-stage All-American 8 Press.


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