First Look: Hornady Security RAPiD Safe Ready Vaults with WiFi

Instantly know the condition of your valuables with Hornady’s innovative new safe.

posted on May 7, 2022
Hornady Rapid Safe WiFi

Secure storage of your firearms is a responsibility that cannot be overlooked. Many of us own firearms to protect our loved ones. We should ensure that those weapons do not fall into the wrong hands, both from a safety standpoint as well as that of protecting your valuable firearms from theft.

Hornady Manufacturing Company is well-known for their ammunition products. What you may not know is the company also makes a range of security products, including their new RAPiD Safe Ready Vault series that features integral WiFi. These products are designed to add a layer of safety to your guns while providing fast access in an emergency to authorized users.

The standard RAPiD Safe Ready Vault is approximately 52 inches tall and has enough room to store multiple rifles, pistols and accessories. A WiFi connection allows you to monitor the status of the lockbox via an app developed by Hornady.  Gun racks are included with the safe. They can be placed in a number of positions inside the box.

Access to the safe is made in one of three ways. Hornady includes four RFID tags that you can carry and use to quickly unlock the RAPiD Safe Ready Vault. If you do not have one of the RFID tags available, you can use the keypad to access the safe through a code you punch in. Should both methods fail you, Hornady provides you with a circular key to open the big steel box. This unit carries an MSRP of $1,026.99.

If you prefer a smaller security solution for the storage of your firearms, take a look at the RAPiD Safe Compact Ready Vault. This unit is the same height as the standard version, but it is narrower. This allows you to store it in a smaller location. It might make for a good way to securely stage a firearm in your home or office for rapid access. The Compact Ready Vault carries a suggested retail price of $526.99.

For additional information on these and other gun storage products from Hornady, visit the company’s website at


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