First Look: Hornady Rapid Safe Keypad Vault

Hornady's line of rapid-access safes expands with the new Keypad Vault.

posted on March 5, 2022
keypad safe

The Rapid security vault line from Hornady Security provide for day or night access to firearms that is quick, dependable and touch-free. The new Rapid Safe Keypad Vault is a budget-friendly option for securing up to two handguns, ammo and other valuables, yet still provides the advanced features included in all Hornady Security Rapid products.

You can access the Rapid Safe Keypad Vault in three different ways. The RFID reader offers you the quickest access. Simply swipe the RFID tag over the sensor and the vault opens. The Keypad Vault includes two RFID tags: a watch band tag and a decal tag. If an RFID tag is out of reach, there is a user-programmed 4 to 6 digit push-button access code that provides a fast and easy secondary means of entry. There is also a mechanical key option to ensure the vault opens, even if the battery is low. The vault’s gas shock assisted door opens almost straight up to allow for easy access to firearms and other contents. This is well-suited for discrete mounting inside a drawer or anywhere convenient for top-down access.

Rapid Safe Keypad Vault features heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction which exceeds the industry standards for safe firearm storage. A 14-gauge steel housing and internal locking lug prevent unauthorized entry, and the padded interior protects valuables from contacting the steel container. The battery-powered Rapid Safe Keypad Vault can be mounted virtually anywhere, and can also be secured to a stationary object using the pre-drilled mounting holes.


  • Excellent starter unit to Rapid Safe technology
  • Fast, dependable touch-free entry to handguns and valuables
  • Heavy-duty tamper-proof steel construction
  • Three entry methods: Patented RFID reader, access code, mechanical key
  • Pre-drilled for permanent mounting
  • Ideal for use in drawers


  • Housing Material: 14-gauge steel
  • Exterior: 13.1 inches x 11.0 inches x 3.9 inches
  • Interior: 10.6 inches x 7.8 inches x 3.3 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Includes: 2 RFID tags (watch band tag and decal)


MSRP for the Rapid Safe Keypad Vault is $148.99, and more information on this product is available at



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