First Look: Hogue SIG Sauer P320 HandALL Grip Sleeve

posted on March 28, 2018
One of the latest additions to the Hogue HandALL grip-sleeve lineup is sized right to enhance the feel of any full-size SIG Sauer P320, SIG's popular striker-fired polymer pistol.

“Since our exacting fit line of grip sleeves debuted, the P320 has been at the top of our to-do list,” said grip designer Matt Hogue. “The precision features of our new grip sleeves complement the enhanced design of this firearm perfectly. This choice of firearm for many global military, law enforcement and commercial users demands the best fitting grip possible. We have accomplished that.”

Molded from a special thermoplastic elastomer, the Hogue HandALL grips are built for durability over the course of a long service life, all while providing a textured, grip-enhancing rubber surface that improves the ability of handgun owners to handle their guns. The company's unique, trademarked Cobblestone texturing was designed particularly to ensure an anchored grip without causing irritation.

Offering enhanced ergonomics over the factory grip design, the Hogue HandALL features finger grooves that position a shooter's hand perfectly on the grip. The sleeve provides a generous palm swell that fills empty space in the hand, ensuring a firm, solid grip. A built-in beavertail allows users to get a high-riding grip while cushioning the impact of recoil on the web of the hand.

To install the HandALL grip sleeve onto the SIG P320, users simply have to slide the sleeve over the frame until it settles into position. The bottom of the sleeve features precision contours that perfectly match the shape of the magazine well on the full-size P320, preserving the capability of users to rip stuck magazines out of the well with the cutout provided.

Six different colors are offered in the Hogue HandALL grip-sleeve product lineup. The suggested retail price for the black HandALL grip is $10.95. For OD green, flat dark earth, aqua, pink and purple models, the suggested retail price is $12.95.


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