First Look: Grey Man Tactical Safe Door Organizer

A place for everything in your safe, and everything in it's place.

posted on June 10, 2023
Greyman tactical sage organizer

Grey Man Tactical is now offering a new organizing rack that is meant to be installed on the inside portion of a gun safe door in order to maximize space within your safe. The #601 Safe Door Organizer Package is a pre-configured kit with a design that makes it easy to mount modern semi-automatic rifles, large-format pistols, handguns, magazines and tactical accessories to your door. The Grey Man #601 Safe Door Organizer includes the hardware needed to quickly mount the rack to your safe door. The organizer is made from high density polyethylene and injection molded glass filled nylon polymers and has been designed with durability, accessibility and practicality in mind. Grey Man Tactical offers different sizes in order to accommodate a wide variety of safes and gear storage needs. The grid pattern of the rack also gives the end user a large degree of freedom on how he or she best wants to use their space for their specific gear. 

“We are excited to offer the Safe Door Organizer for anyone who wants to upgrade their safe, said Grey Man Tactical CEO, Paul Capdepon. “We understand the importance of not only keeping firearms secured but also organized, so belongings don’t go missing.”

The Safe Door Organizer - Rifle Rack and Holster RMP Package contents include:

  • One RMP (Rigid MOLLE Panel), with multiple dimensions available
  • One rifle rack with rubber clamps
  • One black G-Code Soft Shell Scorpion mag carrier for a rifle magazine
  • One black G-Code soft shell Scorpion mag carrier for a pistol magazine
  • One MOLLE-compatible universal pistol holster
  • One RMP Fastening kit with self-drilling screws and Nylon Spacers or one RMP fastening kit with self-drilling drywall anchors, screws and nylon spacers

Grey Man Tactical offers warranties for its products against defects in workmanship and materials. They will replace anything defective at no additional cost to the consumer. The retail pricing for the Grey Man Tactical Safe Door Organizer starts at $284.99 through $304.99 depending on the size specified. Please visit Grey Man Tactical’s website at for more information. 


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