First Look: Girsan MC9 Pistol with FAR-DOT Optic

posted on December 20, 2020

Red-dot optics are a popular choice for people who are looking to extend the effective range of their defensive sidearm. They’re also an effective alternative to finding the front sight after the effects of advancing years play havoc on your vision. However, finding the red dot quickly can be a tricky task. Now EAA helps you save precious time trying to put the red dot on the target with their new patent-pending Fast Acquisition Red Dot Optic (FAR-DOT) that is mounted on the Girsan MC9 Standard and MC9 Match pistols.

The Girsan MC9 Optics pistol in 9 mm is a sleekly designed and lightweight ergonomic pistol that is well-suited for competition, target shooting, or for defensive purposes. The new MC9 with optic combines EAA’s patent-pending FAR-DOT optic, which mounts to the pistol without an optics adapter plate, reducing any shaking or distortion of the target while shooting.

The FAR-DOT is unlike traditional red dots that require the shooter to locate the red dot while acquiring the target, EAA’s FAR-DOT allows you to draw, aim, and shoot with unprecedented ease and without losing time on-target. The three interchangeable backstraps that come with the MC9’s to give you a comfortable, custom grip for any size hand. The versatility of the MC9 Optics pistol is increased with a short section of picatinny rail in front of the trigger guard that offers an additional place for lights or lasers.

The Girsan MC9 Optics Match pistol features the same lightweight, ergonomic design with three interchangeable backstraps, trigger guard forward rail, and ported barrel and adds a little flash to your game with a red trigger and grip base.

MSRP for EAA’s Girsan MC9 Optics Match pistol with the FAR-DOT sight is $661. More information on all the options available for the MC9 as well as other products from EAA is available at


That should last the weekend.
That should last the weekend.

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