First Look: German Precision Optics Spectra 6X Riflescope Line

posted on March 11, 2021

German Precision Optics (GPO) is adding six new riflescopes to their line of high-grade optics. The new Spectra 6X riflescope lineup includes the Spectra 1-6x24i, 1.5-9x32i, 1.5-9x44i, 2-12x44i, 2-12x50i, and 3-18x56i scopes, and each of them is designed for today’s discriminating shooter and offers precise, reliable and outstanding performance to meet the demands of shooting in any situation. All of the new models feature a 30 mm main tube, proprietary GPObright high-transmission lens coating technology, iControl illumination technology, PASSIONdrop hydrophobic exterior lens coatings and a double HD glass objective lens.

The Spectra 1-6x24i and 1.5-9x32i riflescopes are compact and lightweight low power variable optics that allow for quick shooting on fast-moving targets at close range with a 24 mm and 32 mm objective lens diameter. The GPO G4i reticle on these scopes is well-suited to making fast and accurate shots at a variety of distances. The Spectra 1.5-9x44i also offers a wide magnification range but also has a 44 mm objective lens for enhanced light gathering, and a GPO G4i Drop reticle for precise long-range shot placements.

The Spectra 2-12x44i and 2-12x50i both feature a magnification range of from 2X to 12X and either the BRWi ballistic reticle or the G4i reticle. With either a 44 mm or 50 mm objective lens for enhanced light transmission, they are well-suited to medium and long-range hunting. The Spectra 3-18x56i features a magnification range of 3X to 18X and a large 56 mm objective lens, giving it improved light transmission and low-light accuracy. The exclusive GPO BRi reticle on the scope gives you a fully illuminated ballistic reticle with illuminated holdover markers for long-range precision shooting in low light. 

The proprietary iCONTROL illumination system can be adjusted so it’s barely visible during  low-light conditions or turned up for daytime use. The system automatically powers down the illumination when the scope has been stationary for more than three hours and alerts the user when the battery has 15 percent power remaining.

The Spectra riflescope modernizes the hunting turret system. With both a ballistic turret for easy dialing and also a capped ballistic turret for protection from the elements during outdoor field use. The low-profile knobs have easy-to-read dial numbers and the aluminum cap fits snugly over the top. The system has clockwise rotating centimeter click turrets with solid knurled knobs that are easy to grab in any environment, and a blank turret is included in every box for further customization.

Each of the scopes in the Spectra 6x line is crafted from a solid, one-piece dust-proof, waterproof, nitrogen-filled body for strength and durability. All Spectra 6X riflescopes come with an instruction manual, cleaning cloth, bikini scope cover, CR2032 battery, and throw lever. MSRPS for the Spectra 6X vary from $799 for the 1-6x24i to $1,099.99 for the 3-18x56i scope. 


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