First Look: Galco Wraith 2.0 Holster

posted on January 28, 2021

Red-dot optics are an increasingly popular choice for a pistol sighting system. However, finding a holster for a pistol equipped with a red dot can be a challenge. In addition to this, your requirements for a concealed carry change as your clothing changes. To help you stay secure no matter where to go, Galco’s Wraith 2.0 has four patent-pending innovations that create a highly versatile and concealable multipurpose holster. The unique properties of this holster allow you to carry your defensive pistol in a variety of different ways.

The Wraith 2.0 combines the best properties of Premium Center Cut Steerhide and injection-molded plastic and includes a "trench"-style sight rail that easily accommodates most suppressor sights as well as most red-dot sights. The design allows for easy, efficient return to the holster, and a reinforced thumb-break retention strap provides secure retention with a fast draw.

The Wraith 2.0’s versatility goes from its included twin attachment methods—an adjustable belt slot and a paddle. Both of these are easily and quickly interchangeable by the end user in minutes, with just a flat-headed screwdriver giving the gun carrier the choice of two carry methods: the convenient paddle design or the stable and traditional belt slot.

Wraith 2.0 Features

  • Reinforced thumb break retention strap
  • Includes interchangeable belt slot and paddle attachments
  • Belt slot is adjustable for belt width and ride height
  • Sight rail accommodates most suppressor sights
  • Accommodates most "carry style" optics
  • Generous beveled sight rail for easy return to holster
  • Hybrid center cut steerhide and polymer construction
  • Slight forward cant
  • Available in black, the Wraith 2.0 fits belts up to 1¾ inches wide.


MSRP for the Wraith 2.0 is $54, and more information on this product and other items from Galco is available at


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