First Look: FN 502 MRD .22LR Pistol

A .22LR pistol that works hand in hand with its 9mm sibling.

posted on September 11, 2023
FN 502 MRD .22LR Pistol

Last year, FN America launched the .22LR rimfire FN 502 pistol, both FN USA’s first rimfire pistol and the industry’s first slide mounted optics ready rimfire handgun. Now FN USA has just released the new FN 502 MRD pistol model, which lacks the threaded barrel and includes 10-round magazines. This way, people who live in states that are less friendly to the Second Amendment can still enjoy a full size, duty-oriented, optics-ready rimfire pistol which takes after its bigger brother, the FN 509 9mm pistol.

Unlike the FN 509, which is a striker-fired gun, the FN 502 MRD is a single-action, hammer-fired gun that’s reminiscent of the older FN FNX pistols. In addition to this, the FN 502 MRD comes standard with a pair of 1911-style ambidextrous thumb safeties.

“When we first started the development of the FN 502 platform, our goal was to up the ante for quality and versatility in a new rimfire pistol, applying our expertise in factory milled optics-ready slides, suppressor-ready barrels and professional-quality triggers, some of the most sought after benefits in the FN 509 and FNX pistol product lines. We truly set a high bar for the industry,” said Chris Cole, vice president of Sales for FN America. “The MRD model is the natural evolution of the FN 502 platform, allowing users to add a red dot, and make the most of the exceptional trigger. The MRD model offers another high-performance .22LR pistol for our customer base who value affordable quality in their rimfire pistols.”

The FN 502 MRD pistol ships with two 10 round magazines along with a collection of optics mounting plates to install popular micro red dot optics on top of the slide. Since this pistol takes after the FN 509, it will also fit in most holsters designed for the 509. The 502 MRD has an MSRP of $469. For more information, visit


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