First Look: Field Ears Electronic Ear Plugs

Lightweight, in-ear electronic hearing protection.

posted on November 11, 2022
Field E ars

CavCom, Inc is introducing the new FieldEarz field grade electronic ear plugs part of its Wild Ears line of hearing protection. These electronic plugs are ideal for shooters who are looking to protect their vital sense of hearing while avoiding bulky or obtrusive muff-style hearing protection. These electronic ear plugs have a 26 dB noise reduction level rating and a 100 hour battery life.

Each FieldEarz set includes a pair of earpieces with the corresponding Type 13 batteries along with a watertight plastic storage case, cleaning tool, lanyard and wax guards. Units are available in black, pink, or red and blue. Each ear plug has independent sound level and program settings. FieldEarz plugs also have 5 different digital listening programs that users can select according to their specific time and place or requirements: Everyday, Boost, Noisy, Extreme or Mute.

FieldEarz Technical Specifications:

  • 100-percent digital: multiple listening programs
    • EVERYDAY: Emphasis on group conversation and environmental sounds
    • BOOST: Extra boost on high frequency sounds to emphasize conversation and environmental sounds
    • NOISY: For noisy and windy environments to better hear speech
    • EXTREME: For highest level of wind and noise reduction
    • MUTE: Silence incoming signals when you need a break from your surroundings
  • Independent left and right ear program and volume controls
  • Remembers last setting for program and volume between uses
  • Voice prompts/indicators
  • Multiple volume settings
  • Impulse peak and continuous background noise reduction
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Automatic feedback canceling to help eliminate whistling/squeals
  • Long battery life (over 100 hours) with low battery alert
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 26 dB
  • Impulse Peak Insertion Loss Rating: 23 dB reduction for 132 dB peak impulses; 31 dB reduction for 150 dB peak impulses; and 32 dB reduction for 168 dB peak impulses

FieldEarz is available for purchase at select retail establishments nationwide and the pair’s retail price starts at $995. For more information on FieldEarz or other products made by Wild Ear, please visit their website at


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