First Look: Elite Survival Mini CCW Backpack

Carry your gear without looking like you're on the way to the front.

posted on November 24, 2023
 Elite Survival Mini CCW Backpack

Elite Survival Systems has just started selling the Mini CCW Backpack, a new stylish compact backpack oriented towards EDC (everyday carry) and defensive CCW.

This backpack is small and handy and meant to serve as an everyday “going about town” tote with a specially designed discreet zippered handgun compartment. Externally, there is nothing about this mini backpack that screams “gun” or “tactical”. Because discretion is the better part of valor, the Elite Survival Mini CCW Backpack comes in stylish and contemporary heather gray or stripped burnt ochre leather patterns. The pack uses both back straps and handles and has an external pouch for a cell phone. These bags have external dimensions of 13x8½x5 inches.  Besides the discreet handgun compartment, the Mini CCW Backpack has one large main compartment to keep and store other items.

Elite Survival Mini CCW Backpack Features: 

  • Durable fabrics in stylish colors and prints
  • Smooth zipper action with easy access to handgun
  • Discreet concealed carry compartment keeps handgun separate from contents Ambidextrous internal holster attaches with hook and loop, and is fully adjustable for height and angle
  • Large main compartment
  • Exterior phone compartment
  • Dual shoulder straps
  • Discreet embossed logo patch
  • Available in Heather Gray and Stripe

The discreet handgun compartment specifically is separated from the rest of the Mini CCW backpack’s other internal pockets. Inside this pistol pouch, the sides hook and loop arrangement grabs onto an ambidextrous internal holster that can be set up for easy access at most any angle. While off body carry isn’t necessarily the ideal, sometimes it makes sense depending on the context and circumstances. And it makes sense for the off-body device to not bring unwanted attention to the wearer or subtly advertise that a handgun might be concealed within. The Elite Survival Mini CCW Backpack retails for $55. Please visit to learn more.


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