First Look: EAA/Girsan 2311 Pistols in .45 ACP

Available in three different models with three different barrel lengths.

posted on May 8, 2024
EAA 2311 in 45 ACP

European American Armory Corporation (EAA) is rolling out new models of the Girsan Witness2311 Series in .45 ACP, adding more firepower to the double stack 1911 platform. The .45 ACP versions of this lineup are available in three different barrel lengths: A 3.4 inch Officer length model, 4.25 inch Commander length pistol and a 5 inch Government model.

Chase Duffey, EAA’s National Sales Manager said “The long-awaited Witness2311 in 45ACP represents a significant addition for the double stack market, as none can rival both the price and quality that we've consistently delivered at EAACorp.”

Featuring 11 rounds capacity of full-power .45 ACP ammo in the magazine, the Girsan Witness2311 is loaded with formidable stopping power. In addition to this, this pistol features an optics-ready slide cut for the RMS/RMSc footprint, and the rear sight can be easily switched to adapt your favorite optics. Other features include an extended beavertail, enlarged magazine well, white dot front and rear sights and standard double stack magazine compatibility. There is also steep front and rear cocking serrations, alongside an accessory rail for added functionality.

Priced at $999 SRP for all three barrel length models, the Witness2311 series stands out a competitively priced double-stack 1911 in .45 ACP, giving it a unique niche in today’s market. To sweeten the deal, while supplies last, initial Witness2311 purchases will include the EAA solar powered Far-Dot Optics at no additional charge. The EAA Far-Dot Optic has two integral rear dot fibers, providing cotangent sights within EAA’s patented Far-Dot system. The sight offers a 4 MOA dot with brightness adjustments for precise target acquisition.

Visit for more information on all three models of the Girsan Witness2311 in .45 ACP as well as more information on the Far-Dot Optic or other products from EAA.


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