First Look: Drake Associates Athena Semiautomatic Precision Chassis Rifle

posted on January 23, 2020

New from Drake Associates is the Athena Semiautomatic Precision Chassis Rifle, which features a Drake high-performance button cut match barrel. Designed as a high-performance alternative to the military’s M12 or Mk11/M110 programs, it provides high-performance options at an affordable price. The Drake Athena Semiautomatic Precision Chassis Rifle can quickly adjust to the ergonomic needs of an individual shooter without having to use tools and is initially available in 5.56 NATO caliber, with barrel lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches.

With an 18-inch heavy barrel for your system, sub-MOA performance and verified hits beyond 1,000 yards are within your reach. Documented results with the Athena Semiautomatic Precision Chassis Rifle include .366-MOA groups using Federal Premium 77-grain OTM Match ammunition, with 2,737 fps muzzle velocity.  


  • Billet Aluminum Chassis Construction
  • Satern Brand Match Barrel
  • 1:7-inch Twist
  • Caliber/Barrel Options: 16, 18 and 20 inches
  • Satern Button Drake Heavy Profile Contour Barrel
  • 16-inch Mid-Length Gas System
  • 18-inch and 20-inch Features Rifle Length Gas System
  • SAAMI Spec M16 Bolt Assembly
  • A3 Mil-Spec Upper Trued
  • Anodized Color Choice of FDE, OD or Black
  • Accuracy Truing
  • Match Competition 2-Stage Trigger
  • Drake SOPMOD-D(TM) tool-less fast change fore-end
  • 12-o’clock Long Picatinny Rail System Long Rail
  • 6-o’clock front bipod Picatinny Rail System
  • M-Lok Compatible 11/1-o’clock Rail System
  • Optional Secondary Rail System
  • Magpul 20-round magazine
  • A2 "birdcage" flash hider
  • 11-Degree target crown
  • 1/2×28 Precision-muzzle thread
  • Weight with 18-inch Heavy Barrel: 9 pounds

MSRP for the Athena is $1,776, and more information is available at


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