First Look: Crossbreed Holsters for the Staccato C2 and CS

Two new holster options for two of Staccato's popular double-stack 1911s.

posted on July 21, 2023
Crossbreed holster

Crossbreed Holsters is now offering the Super Tuk IWB Hybrid Holster along with the all-Kydex IWB/AIWB “The Rogue'' holster for two popular Staccato 2011 Models: The Staccato 9mm CS pistol and the Staccato C2 9mm pistol.

The Super Tuk hybrid holster is designed to be carried IWB (inside the waistband). The holster itself is held together by a leather backing that separates the wearer from the firearm, while the firearm itself is holstered in place by a Kydex shell. The belt clips are also fastened to the all-encompassing leather backer. These clips are also the key to adjusting the rig’s ride height and angles. The Crossbreed Super Tuk has a starting retail price of $77.95.

The Rogue is a full Kydex holster primarily optimized for inside-the-waistband or AIWB (appendix inside-the-waistband) carry. In addition to this, the holster can also be carried on a belt outside the waistband or even in a cross-draw position. Like the Super Tuk, the holster’s ride height and carry angle can be tweaked via its belt clips. The holster also includes a wing/claw to facilitate concealment while carrying in the appendix position. Users can also tweak it directly to increase or decrease their desired level of retention. The Rogue has a starting retail price of $79.95.

Staccato is based in Georgetown, TX, and was formerly known as “STI.” The company previously built high performance double-stack 1911 style pistols in various calibers that were focused on competition and sport shooting. The company recently changed direction and tweaked their high-performance “2011” pistols to make them more accessible to law enforcement and the armed citizen. With the CS and C2 2011 models, Staccato wanted to make 9mm double-stack pistols similar to their flagship duty pistols but in smaller, more concealable packages. 

To learn more about Staccato pistols, please visit For more information on the new holsters for Staccato pistols from Crossbreed, please visit  


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