First Look: CMMG MkW Anvil in 6.5 Grendel

posted on September 6, 2017
CMMG added new models to its large-frame MkW Anvil rifle lineup in 2017, bringing the highly regarded 6.5 Grendel chambering to the company's lineup.

"We're extremely excited to roll out the MkW ANVIL in 6.5 Grendel, which we have found to be a very flat-shooting round capable of impressive long-range accuracy and lethality on medium- to large-sized game," said Chris Reinkemeyer, CEO of CMMG.

The new 6.5 Grendel Anvil rifle runs alongside the company's initial MkW Anvil rifle offering, which is chambered in the big-bore .458 SOCOM. The Anvil platform is constructed using a standard AR-10-size lower receiver, which is mated to a shortened upper receiver that is reduced by 0.75 of an inch to produce a more compact, easier handling platform.

The core of the CMMG MkW Anvil rifle system is the company's PowerBolt design, which takes a modified AR-10 bolt sized to operate efficiently and reliably with large-diameter cartridges like the 6.5 Grendel and the .458 SOCOM. This eliminates the need to mill material out from an AR-15 bolt face and provides users with a heavy-duty operating system that can take full advantage of more powerful cartridges designed for AR-style rifles.

Each 6.5 Grendel Anvil rifle model comes with a single 10-round magazine and is equipped with a medium-taper barrel with a 1:8-inch rate of twist and a 5/8x24 TPI threaded muzzle that allows users to attach muzzle devices and sound suppressors.

Five different configurations are available for the new 6.5 Grendel Anvil lineup. The first offered by the company is the MkW Anvil T, coming equipped with a single-stage mil-spec trigger, a CMMG RKM15 KeyMod handguard and a standard A2 pistol grip and M4-style collapsible six-position butt stock. The suggested retail price on this rifle is $1,699.95.

CMMG also offers the Anvil XFT, which features the company's SV muzzle brake along with its RKM15 KeyMod handguard and a single-stage mil-spec trigger. This rifle differs from the T in that it is also equipped with a Magpul MOE pistol grip and a CTR six-position carbine stock as a furniture upgrade. The company also offers the XFT2 model, which comes loaded with a Geissele SSA Two-Stage Trigger instead of the company's mil-spec option. The suggested retail price on the XFT is $1,799.95, while the Geissele-equipped option retails for $1,999.95.

The 6.5 Grendel Anvil is also available in two pistol models. The Anvil K pistol features a 12.5-inch barrel, RKM11 KeyMod handguard, CMMG single-stage trigger, Magpul MOE pistol grip and a CMMG pistol receiver extension. The PSB model includes many of the same features, along with the addition of a factory-installed KAK Shockwave pistol brace. The suggested retail price on the Anvil K pistol is $1,699.95, while the PSB model retails at at suggested price of $1,749.95.

Finally, to owners of .458 SOCOM Anvil rifles, pistols and SBRs, CMMG will make uppers available in 16.1-inch and 12.5-inch barrel lengths. The suggested retail price on these uppers start at $1,049.95.


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