First Look: CMMG Mk4 AR-15 in .22 Nosler

posted on September 20, 2017
The incredibly fast 22 Nosler cartridge, extensively covered by Shooting Illustrated, launched at the 2017 SHOT Show and quickly found supporters from many companies, all of which brought forth new rifle options chambered for the enhanced .22-caliber round. One of these companies was CMMG, which announced the expansion of its Mk4 rifle lineup with several new models chambered in 22 Nosler.

"The 22 Nosler caught our eye for a number of reasons," said Chris Reinkenmeyer, CEO of CMMG, Inc. "First, it's designed around the AR-15 and so it's very compatible with our rifles and also easy to match up with an existing lower.  Second, our customers want rifles that are unique but with purpose. Based on our testing, we feel that the 22 Nosler does present significant ballistic advantages for shooters who require a fast, accurate and flat-shooting projectile out of a relatively lightweight rifle."

Designed for use on medium-size game and as a long-range precision round, the 22 Nosler features 25 percent more case capacity than the 5.56 NATO, pushing a 55-grain bullet out of a 24-inch barrel at nearly 3,500 feet per second. The 22 Nosler cartridge is slightly wider than the 5.56 NATO case, requiring the use of 6.8 SPC magazines for feeding. Despite this, the cartridge uses a standard 5.56 NATO bolt-carrier group

The CMMG Mk4 22 Nosler AR-15 is available in four different rifle configurations, as well as four upper-receiver groups that pair with any standard AR-15 lower. The company also offers three different barrel sub-assemblies.

The CMMG Mk4 S in 22 Nosler comes equipped with an 18-inch medium-taper threaded barrel made from stainless steel and rifled with a 1:8 rate of twist. The rifle is equipped with a standard A2 compensator, as well as the company's RKM14 KeyMod handguard, A2 pistol grip, M4-style six-position stock and a single-stage mil-spec trigger. The suggested retail price on the Mk4 S is $1,099.95.

The company also offers the CMMG Mk4 RCE in 22 Nosler, which features the same 18-inch barrel as the S model rifle. The RCE, however, comes equipped with CMMG's SV muzzle brake, a Magpul MOE pistol grip, six-position Magpul CTR stock and a Geissele SSA 2-Stage trigger. The suggested retail price on the RCE model is $1,399.95.

The CMMG Mk4 P is another 22 Nosler rifle option offered by the company. This gun comes equipped with a 22-inch stainless-steel barrel, which features a medium taper and is equipped with an SV muzzle brake. The rifle also comes equipped with a Magpul MOE pistol grip and rifle stock, as well as a single-stage mil-spec trigger. The suggested retail price on the P model is $1,199.95.

Finally, CMMG offers the Mk4 V2 in 22 Nosler, featuring a longer 24-inch medium-taper fluted barrel with a 1:8 twist rate. The barrel comes unthreaded and features instead a target crown for enhanced accuracy. Other features of the gun include a Magpul MOE pistol grip and rifle stock, as well as a Geissele SSA 2-Stage trigger. The suggested retail price on the V2 is $1,449.95.


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115-grain 9 mm ASP load from Nosler

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