First Look: Bushnell RXS-250 Red-Dot Sight

posted on October 11, 2020

Bushnell now has a new red-dot sight, the RXS-250, which offers a blend of performance and durability. The RXS-250 reflex sight offers a Mil-Std-810F, impact-resistant design, user adjustable brightness settings and True Tone coatings to provide users with a vivid, clear view free of color distortion.

“The Bushnell RXS-250 has not ceased to amaze me,” said World Champion Shooter and Bushnell Team member KC Eusebio. “I make a living using these tools and this optic can do it all. I’ve trained, competed, hunted, and carried this red dot and it excels in all areas of marksmanship. It withstands a drop from 5 feet which makes it extremely durable. The optic also has easy adjustments for intensity, windage, and elevation, along with a top load battery system for the rare occasion of changing your battery every five years! The RXS-250 has glass with true tone clarity to help find your targets with ease, paired with a crisp clear 4-MOA dot, it’s perfect for your pistol, rifle, or shotguns needs.”

Inside the RXS-250 is a bright reflex sight with a long battery life that works across all common red-dot mounts using a DeltaPoint Pro footprint. The new RXS-250 uses an energy efficient point source LED to create a collimated beam that creates a 4-MOA dot with maximum energy efficiency. This allows for extended battery life while still offering high brightness settings for day-bright visibility.

The RXS-250 has a rugged cast aluminum housing for protection of glass and electronic internal components. The electronics are sealed off, allowing the optic to be submerged without damage and giving the sight an IP67 dust and waterproof rating. Chamfered hood edges help prevent snags on clothing or objects in the environment. The RXS-250’s hood geometry and reflector lens design are optimized to provide a large field of view without sacrificing durability.

The RXS-250 provides 10 brightness settings for daylight viewing and low settings for nighttime visibility and pairing with night vision devices. The RXS-250 provides detented windage/elevation adjustments with 1 MOA per click and has a shrouded push-button design for brightness setting adjustments.

The new RXS-250 is fully multi-coated with True Tone color that does not have a blue hue on the glass, which provides accurate color representation and high levels of light transmission through the sight. The coating system also mitigates stray artifacts from secondary light sources.

The RXS-250 is compatible with multiple factory optics-ready pistols and aftermarket suppressor height sights and comes standard with a user-selectable, 12-hour, auto-off timer (can be disabled). Other items included with the red dot include basic mounting and adjustment tools, a protective form-fit cover, cleaning cloth and CR2032 battery. 

The new Bushnell RXS-250 has an MSRP of $249.99. Additional information on this sight is available at


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