First Look: BudK Solar Charger and Power Bank With Flashlight

posted on May 10, 2020

Whether you're concerned about natural disasters, the zombie apocalypse or even just a bad snowstorm, one thing that is certain is the desire to stay connected, both with current events and/or loved ones. Doing so requires keeping your smart devices up and running, ready for use and with access to a constant power source. The BudK Solar Charger and Power Bank With Flashlight offers that and more.

Powered by a Li-ion battery and boasting a 10,000 mAh capacity, this product isn’t a typical power bank. The BudK Solar Charger and Power Bank With Flashlight can be powered by either an AC power plug or by its integral monocrystalline solar panel. Simply plug your device into the micro USB input or one of two USB outputs to quickly charge devices like phones, tablets and cameras. The same size as a conventional smartphone, opposite the solar panel is an extremely bright multi-mode LED that can serve as a flashlight, strobe and/or SOS beacon. There’s also a built-in compass.

Keeping communication devices fully charged is obviously a concern in an emergency, but having a spare battery is a great idea any time you're out on the go. Being able to recharge your device - or that of your offspring, for that matter - can make long car rides more bearable, ensures connectivity anywhere you go and just plain keeps things going. Having a device like the BudK Solar Charger and Power Bank, with the additional utility of a flashlight, also means you're prepared for more than just your phone running down.

Putting lots of power and versatility at your fingertips, the BudK Solar Charger and Power Bank With Flashlight is essential gear for your backpack and/or go-bag, and priced at less than $40 you can add spares for your glove compartment and camping gear. MSRP is $39.99, and more information can be found at


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