First Look: Black Aces Tactical Shockwave Quad Rail Shell Holder

posted on October 12, 2017
The flexibility and versatility of the popular Mossberg Shockwave just got an enhancement, thanks to the new Quad Rail Shell Holder combination designed by Black Aces Tactical. The aftermarket component provides a new level of customization options, thanks to the many accessory-mounting points provided by the new rail system.

“The Mossberg Shockwave has been nothing short of a phenomenon," said Eric Lemoine, founder and CEO of Black Aces Tactical. "Given the massive success of the Shockwave, it is only natural that we develop a quality accessory rail that compliments the design and function of the platform. But not being satisfied, we have also added in a 5-shot shell holder that is designed to work with the quad rail. We feel that this is the perfect addition to an already wildly popular chassis.”

The new Quad Rail Shell Holder from the company attaches to any Shockwave in minutes, thanks to a simple and secure lock-clamp system. The company includes all of the hardware and tools necessary to install the rail onto the firearm.

The rail itself is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum, which is finished in a durable hard-coat anodized finish. The Quad Rail features a full-length top rail that runs from the back of the receiver to the front bead sight, providing owners with the ability to install any kind of optic or sighting accessory at any point on the top part of the firearm. At the muzzle-end of the add-on device, users will find short Picatinny rail sections at 9, 3 and 6 o'clock, adding an extra level of flexibility for those looking to add lights, lasers or other accessories to their shotgun.

The Black Aces Tactical Quad Rail Shell Holder also features a shell holder from ATI that locks into the receiver of the Shockwave, providing five easily-available shotshells for rapid reloading. The shell holder attaches to the receiver through the use of an aluminum backplate. The quad-rail design also features a skeletonized design that promotes barrel cooling, protects bare hands from a hot barrel and lightens the overall weight of the product. The Quad Rail adds only 10 ounces to the overall weight of the firearm.

The suggested retail price on the Black Aces Tactical Quad Rail Shell Holder for the Mossberg Shockwave is $214. The combination begins shipment in October 2017.


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