First Look: Bear Forest Knives GT-3

A fixed blade knife that's useful in many different ways.

posted on February 19, 2023
Bear Forest GT-3

Bear Forest Knives from Palm Desert, CA, is announcing the release of the new GT-3 3 inch fixed-blade sheath knife. Not only is this compact outdoors knife handy for everyday carry situations but it would also be great around the campsite and the field. Its sharp, high-carbon steel blade has no problem cutting through leather, rope, cardboard, food and other material.

Bear Forest profiled their GT-3 fixed blade knife with one of the most classic and utilitarian blade profiles that has been in use since ancient times: the spear point. The spear point profile does two things: It allows for a relatively long keen-edge which means that the knife has more capacity to cut and its symmetrical point makes it easier to pierce sharp barriers or layers. Bear Forest finishes GT-3 blades with their rock-tumble acid wash which protects the surface metal while also allowing for an elegant age and wear pattern to develop from use over the years. The 90 degree spine was designed for striking ferrocerium rods and to scrape tinder in order to start outdoor survival fires. Handles available for the GT-3 are either burlap or canvas micarta, and are available in the following colors: black, green, brown, or camouflage.

GT-3 Fixed Blade Knife Specifications:

  • Blade Profile: 3 inch full flat grind spear point and 90 degree spine
  • Blade Material: 80CrV2 steel
  • Blade Thickness: 0.125 inches
  • Blade Finish: Rock tumbled acid wash
  • Handle: canvas or burlap Micarta in various colors
  • Overall Length: 7 ¼ inches
  • MSRP $150 to $180

Since Bear Forest knife blades are manufactured from high carbon steel, the company recommends that its customers regularly oil and maintain their blades to avoid needless rusting, blemishing or staining. For more information please visit Bear Forest’s website at


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