First Look: Athlon Heras Scopes

A line of rifle scopes with full features and great value.

posted on December 30, 2022
Athlon Heras

Athlon Optics is known for its riflescopes that offer a good performance to price ratio. In the same fashion, Athlon is now unveiling a new line of first and second focal plane riflescopes, the Heras SPR. Similarly, the new Heras SPR line pushes the envelope of scope features against their price point. The Heras SPR scope line has something for all types of shooters, as these can be mounted on anything from air guns to magnum centerfire rifles.

The Heras SPR riflescope collection includes four different base optics:

  • Heras SPR Second Focal Plane 2-12 x 42
  • Heras SPR Second Focal Plane 4-20 x 40
  • Heras SPR Second Focal Plane 6-24 x 56
  • Heras SPR first Focal Plane 6-24 x 56

Athlon Optics Heras SPR riflescopes range in prices from $463 through $788 and are offered both with MIL or MOA based illuminated reticles. Tube diameters are either 1-inch or 30 mm depending on the specific model. The different scopes have different magnification ranges that are suitable for scoped shooting to intermediate distances all the way to longer range distances of over 1,200 yards. Moreover, Athlon made the Heras SPR line available with either first or second focal plane reticles depending on each shooter preference and needs.

As a rule of thumb, second focal plane reticles remain consistent regardless of magnification level. However in order to make use of subtensions and specific markings on the reticle, the optic must be adjusted to its highest zoom level or the markings will give a false reading. Conversely, while reticles on all first focal plane optics are typically more complicated to manufacture and generally cost more money, the trade off is that their markings and subtensions remain true and correct regardless of which zoom setting they are on. Front focal plane optics are often sought by serious competitive precision or distance shooters or professional users as FFP scopes offer some speed advantages and conveniences not found in SFP optics.

For a complete breakdown on Athlon’s Heras SPR specifications and optic choices, please visit their site at


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