First Look: Apex Tactical M&P M2.0 Failure-Resistant Extractor

posted on June 25, 2018
With the launch of several aftermarket enhancements and components, Apex Tactical offers owners of Smith & Wesson's updated M2.0 series of M&P handguns an opportunity to strengthen and fine-tune several aspects of their new guns. One of the latest improved components offered by the company is its Failure Resistant Extractor, designed to enhance the already-reliable and dependable design of M&P M2.0 double-stack handguns.

Built with the same aim in mind as the company's original M&P pistol extractors, the Apex Tactical Failure Resistant Extractor is purpose-built to ensure that spent-case extraction is flawless, even in the harshest, most-difficult conditions imaginable. Engagement surfaces and the design of the hooked extractor that makes contact with the spent-cartridge rim are both wire-EDM cut to ensure the closest possible tolerances than what's possible with traditional machining practices. To enhance durability and protect against corrosion and wear, the extractor is finished with a Melonite treatment that hardens the surface of the steel.

The benefit of this close-tolerance manufacturing process is that consumers are guaranteed to have a component that will drop easily into any factory Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 handgun, all while providing the enhanced reliability inherent in the design. The extractor can be installed by the end user without issue and works with all models of the double-stack M&P M2.0 line, including models with and without thumb safeties. One element to note is that the extractor is not designed for use in original M&P pistols or single-stack M&P Shield models.

The suggested retail price on the Apex Tactical M&P M2.0 Failure-Resistant Extractor is $45.95.


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