First Look: Alien Gear Swivel Drop Leg Extension

Get your holster out of the way while still keeping your pistol at the ready.

posted on November 28, 2022
Alien Gear Swivel Drop Leg Extension

Alien Gear Holster, based out of Post Falls, ID, is now bolstering their duty and military Rapid Force gear line with the new Swivel Drop Leg Extension expansion kits.

The kit is meant for users to move the Alien Gear Rapid Force Level 2 and Level 3 duty holsters off of the belt or waistline and down to the strong side thigh in order to facilitate freedom of movement. Alien Gear designed this kit to be compatible with their QDS (quick disconnect system) in order to more conveniently move around holsters or accessories already fastened with a QDS receiver plate connector.

The Alien Gear Swivel Drop Leg Expansion kit features two straps that allow the wearer to a total adjustment rate of 8 inches; as high as 4 inches from the belt to as low as 12 inches from the belt line. There are also a pair of universal belt loops to secure to any size or style of duty belt and a pair of thigh straps to ensure it stays in place on the leg. In addition to this, the kit also provides room to mount accessories that would be typically mounted on the belt such as a tourniquet, magazine or admin pouches in addition to baton holsters or other gear.  

“For officers and tactical operators, our new Swivel Drop Leg extension increases carry options by allowing the user to maintain consistency throughout our holster system,” Joe Lienemann, Director of Law Enforcement Sales for Alien Gear Holsters, said. “When the situation calls for it and the training kicks in, the operator can safely rely on our platforms for their performance, ruggedness, and durability, and focus on the mission at hand, instead of worrying about his gear.”

The Alien Gear Swivel Drop Leg Expansion kit retails for $130. For more information on this product, please visit Alien Gear’s website at



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