Fab Defense T-Pod Foregrip Bipod

posted on March 23, 2015

When it comes to precious real estate, prime building land on one of the Hawaiian islands might be tops, but the bottom rail on an AR-15 carbine is a close second.

Fab Defense's T-Pod foregrip bipod saves the space of one of the two items by hiding one inside the other. Specifically, it functions as a foregrip when used offhand, but at the push of a button converts to a 8.3-inch tall bipod. To revert back to a foregrip, simply close the legs of the bipod together, then push the legs into the grip. Ingenious and space-saving, all in one.

While the unit is quite robust, it does add a fair amount of heft - some 10.4 ounces, to be precise. This extra weight might be beneficial for helping tame recoil, but if the carbine is carried around for any significant length of time it may prove a bit on the weighty side.

MSRP$ 149.85. Available in black, flat dark earth and OD green.


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