EDC Gear: Bushnell Rubicon T200L Flashlight

posted on November 9, 2017
Choosing a light for everyday carry is a personal thing. Many variables arise, depending on a buyer's location, lifestyle, career, budget and other things. Bushnell offers several options for those looking to incorporate an EDC light into their kit, and the Bushnell Rubicon T200L is one of the mid-size lights offered in the collection.

The Bushnell Rubicon T200L incorporates many of the same design and style options exercised in other parts of the Bushnell lighting lineup, such as the gear-shaped tailcap with the orange anodized-aluminum ring surrounding the tailcap switch. All of the lights in the company's product line are constructed with an anodized-aluminum housing, making it durable enough to withstand consistent use. Bushnell claims an impact-resistance rating of up to 1 meter.

At the bezel of the light, users will find a slightly crenulated design, offering the option to use the light as a striking tool for self-defense, if necessary. The crenulations on the bezel aren't as pronounced as they are on other lights, which makes this a better option for pocket carry, since owners won't have to worry about tearing up their clothing.

Good thing, too, because one downside to the Bushnell Rubicon T200L is the fact that it has no pocket clip. This shouldn't be too much of an issue, though, since the light, while it can easily fit into a pocket, is still large enough to stay oriented properly when carried. The light measures 5.9 inches long and 1.1 inches wide and weighs 4.9 ounces.

Looking down to the body of the light, owners will find aggressive texturing located along two strips on either side of the light. The texturing allows the light to stay fixed securely in the palm of the hand, even when it's wet or sweaty, ensuring that users can maintain control over their light. The tailcap switch also features similar texturing to promote trouble-free actuation of the light.

Speaking of the light, Bushnell built its Rubicon T200L with Cree LEDs and boasts of "advanced collimated-beam technology," which is really a fancy way of saying that the light beam's pretty well concentrated. The T200L certainly doesn't provide area lighting, but it's sufficient to provide general identification in a given direction. The light products 236 lumens and reaches out easily to 84 yards.

One of the unique features of the Bushnell Rubicon T200L is the secondary Red Halo mode. In low-light or nighttime conditions, the red glow from this secondary mode is enough to illuminate items up close while leaving a user's night vision uncompromised.

When the tailcap switch is actuated, the first mode is the high-lumen white-light output. Pressing the tailcap again within several seconds activates the low-lumen Red Halo mode. The Rubicon T200L runs off two AA batteries. In the high-output mode, the battery life is about 2 hours. In the low-light mode, battery life measures 29 hours. The suggested retail price on the Bushnell Rubicon T200L flashlight is $50.04.


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